Jnanasukha Foundation
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"countless rays of benefit"

from new moon to new moon

dec 18-jan 16, 2018
ANNUAL fundraiser for jnanasukha foundation

The heart of Jnanasukha beats with one intention:
to embody the wisdom & compassion of Yeshe Tsogyal & the enlightened feminine to inspire and support your Dharma path & benefit all beings.

Jnanasukha Foundation takes its vision from the female buddha, Yeshe Tsogyal. We aim to offer quality online Vajrayana and help secure the future of this tradition.

Our activities include: online teaching and practice; translation, publication and downloads; scholarships, sacred art, the Vajrayana World blog site, connection with Yeshe Tsogyal's birthplace in Tibet and annual pilgrimages.

We rely entirely on the generosity of donors who uphold the importance of Vajrayana in today's world.

Through December and into January, from new moon to new moon, we are offering a series of reflections, articles and more as the centerpiece of our annual fundraiser. Check in often to enjoy the richness of Vajrayana, comment on posts, and support us with your donation.

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